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Benton Fraser
Due South - played by Reg

  • Conceived in an igloo and born in a barn
  • Lost his mother at 5 years old
  • Raised by librarian grandparents and absentee Mountie father
  • Joined and dedicated his life to the RCMP
  • Was adopted by a hal wolf called Diefenbaker after Fraser saved him from a mine shaft come bear trap
  • Had his life saved by Diefenbaker after he fell into Prince Rupert Sound
  • Came to Chicago on the trail of his father's killers
  • And for reasons that don't need explaining at this juncture
  • Remained attached as liason to the Canadian Consulate
  • But basically he made himself Canadian Enemy #1 nbd
  • Along with his partner Ray Vecchio fought crime all over Chicago like a flashy red Superman in a hat and his style conscious balding Italian sidekick
  • Shenanigans: Train, mobsters, villainess, three green '72 Buick Rivieras, a bomb in a courthouse, an alien abduction and lots of licking things
  • Went on holiday and came back to find that Ray Vecchio had been sent undercover with the mob, and had been replaced with a second Ray Vecchio i.e. the undercover Ray Kowalski
  • Shenanigans: Pirates, mobsters, villainess, one green '72 Buick Riviera and one black '67 Pontiac GTO, air poker, a submarine, a sailboat and more licking things
  • Outdated chivalrous view of the world around him
  • Multi-cultural and accepting
  • Loyal and honorable
  • Never steals, cheats or engages in vices such as gambling, smoking or drinking
  • Incredibly difficult to anger, at least outwardly; keeps a cool head
  • Never rude or insulting
  • Honors his responsibilities, and is fiercely loyal
  • Smart and practical--to the point of annoying as sin
  • Trusts in his own abilities and in his partner (eventually)
  • Believes in the general goodness of people around him, to a fault
  • Is weird even to his fellow Canadians
  • Resourceful, determined, stands up to bullies
  • Survival skills: camping, escapism, tracking, stalking, mountain climbing, ice fishing, snowmobile driving etc.
  • Detective skills: talented investigator, sensitive and efficient when going door to door, sometimes makes leaps of logic that would horrify Sherlock Holmes.
  • Honest to a fault; can't lie to save his life
  • Follows the law to the letter, and pursues those who break the law far beyond the call of duty
  • i.e. he always gets his man (except twice, because he got shot and because rocks fell on the criminal respectively)
  • Impossibly idealistic, altruistic, and forgiving even to his own detriment
  • With women Fraser is chivalrous; conscientious, kind, fair, never ingenuine. The last good man standing
  • Clueless with women but is a hopeless romantic--emphasis on hopeless.
  • Gets homesick
  • Inspires unshakeable loyalty in others, particularly his partners
  • Improves the people around him, particularly his partners
  • Annoys everyone one way or another, particularly his partners
  • Eccentric: talks to his dead father, sits down for long discussions with his wolf
  • Neat and fastidious
  • Resourceful
  • Prizes integrity and common sense
  • Selfless, generous--and naive
  • Fights stubbornly for what he believes in.
  • Sentimental, but also realistic
  • Protective of his friends, and is willing to step into a fight and take blows or even bullets for them.
  • Is a good friend, can joke and tease and make fun of others so easily it can be mistaken for being accidental
  • Unnatural forensic skill: examining tracks, taking the pulses of his witnesses, studying the dirt under people's fingernails...licking the bottom of people's shoes, sniffing dog urine, tasting other people's fingers, smelling pizza on his partner's cheek from four feet away...
  • Eidetic memory, keen (read delicate) sense of hearing, can hear the make of a gun in the sound it makes when it's cocked, types a hundred words a minute, can lipread, use American sign language, play ice hockey, baseball and basketball with reasonable skill, ride like a cavalryman, throw knives perfectly on target and is a marksman with a rifle and pistol. He can also base jump and parcour, drive a dog sled, dance, sing, and makes a very convincing woman; in fact, he excels at undercover work.
  • powerful swimmer with increased lung capacity, can operate boats of various shapes and sizes, is resilient against the worst that nature can throw at him, and has other skills including the ability to hypnotize his colleagues (and himself), get knee deep in garbage without so much as getting a speck on him, catch knives thrown at him, judge trajectories based on angles, do complicated mathmatics in his head...the list is extensive, and it occasionally materializes in ways that make other people find him insufferable.
  • Basically straight laced goodie two shoes, soulful inside, but most of it is an act: he is but human

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